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Objectives - Products - Exports


All Company employees are essential to the success of. We encourage personal initiative giving this opportunity to our employees. Motivation is all success at all levels of employment. Our values ​​we want to characterize us in the way we attempt. To achieve this result, workers the company hired, trained and rewarded based on those very values.

Products - Innovation
Our key product characteristics are traditional flavors and techniques and the high nutritional value and quality. Always face the new challenges in our area seeking innovative ways to improve our products and services.

Our goal is high-level service and quality of our products, not forgetting that this relationship is one of the key ingredients of our success. flexibility, innovation and experience help to create strong bonds with our customers.

The selection of our suppliers always with strict quality standards criteria, potential long-term cover our needs but of local geographical features.

"The main objective of our company is to establish, of particular products, but also of Greek products in general, in the minds of consumers, as high quality and nutritional value very high "value for money". The Greek land pure raw materials, combined with the taste, how and modern marketing techniques, create an unrivaled combination!»

Pitenis Dimitrios


Premium Products

Extended contact with consumers, and recognition of the high quality of the company's products, created the need for new innovative products of higher quality, safety and nutritional value.

From 2004 n company gradually began to focus on developing products Violeitourgikon. So he founded IIVT "Hellenic Hepirus BioΤechnology R&D", with prominent biologists industry, a biotechnology research company & development, intensifying research on the violeitoyrgikotita products. In February 2011 acquires the second patent n concerning saffron solution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so that not only multiplies the known to us all the oil properties, but also adds, in the final mixture, many of the properties of "medicinal" yolk. So, creates new patented series "Pitenis Premium Quality" consisting of 7 Salads, 3 Dressing and a Violeitourgiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Yolk.

End, adding Extra Virgin Olive almost in all self-service products, direct differentiates from competition, making them particularly attractive to modern consumers, not only in Greece but also abroad.


Exports are a key part of the business culture of the company. So, time to time, is becoming stronger export orientation. Exports ranging from European Union countries, to America, Canada and Russia, by increasing export turnover from 2004 until today, which culminates in the last years, 2010-14, as shown in the diagram.

Why Pitenis products

Taking timely market signals, family Piteni, invested in combining high quality - traditional flavor, with products made with the most modern techniques, by International Certifications (ISO 22000:2005, HAACP, BRC, IFS, Halal, FDA, etc.) and of which the pure raw materials 97% It comes from the Greek territory.
The raw materials go through thorough testing in the Laboratory, before receipt, so as to verify the quality, specifications and their suitability. It is noteworthy that much of this is not received and returned. All effort focuses on replacing all chemicals and additives, which are widely used by the food industry, other natural and healthy materials.
From 2005 The company, on its own initiative, implemented a program of cooperation with employees to produce more and more rural Raw Materials, which can be produced in their own land, with company checks, so they are perfectly safe and comply with the characteristics prescribed by this!
In the same direction (within and social policy of the company), recently concluded agreements with three groups of farmers Western Macedonia, in Naples, Grevena and Kozani, to fully absorb the agricultural production. The audit was extended, in cooperation with external laboratories, the extent and persistence of pesticides in the near future it is planned to certify the parcels producing products for the company.
The skilled workforce of the company is the greatest strength. The organization chart of the company includes, beyond the generating sections, finances, sales, stock, etc., EXPORT DEPARTMENT, Marketing department, Laboratory fully equipped and certified, Microbiology and R moiety&D (Research & Development) for the continuous optimization of its products as well as new research & safer products.

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