Company history

A. Pitenis Bros S.A. It is one of the largest production companies in the Greek food industry. The company founded in 1973 under the firm "Agamemnon Pitenis". In December 1997, completes the creation of a new modern cuisine plant, with total area 14.000sqm and premises 3.000sqm, in order to meet the new conditions of the domestic and international competition.

So, with longtime consumer confidence in company products and the familial form of entrepreneurial, managed year 2003 to produce over 100 different kinds most modern production methods and in accordance with all health and safety rules, based on traditional Greek cuisine.

In March 2003 organizes new seat-handling company its products, theArkafood΄ - A. Pitenis & SIA EE, Tripoli, integrated distribution network and the wide range- Teris region of Peloponnese. From 2004 the company gradually began to focus on development Violeitourgikon Products. So, foundsHHBT΄ Hellenic Hepirus Bio-Technology R&D - A. Pitenis & SIA OE, with distinguished biologists industry, a Biotechnology Research Company & development, intensifying research on the violeitourgikotita its products. The 2009 enhances the movement of products Central Macedonia, creating branch in Thessaloniki, while the 2010 spreads in Attica. Altogether, taking into account the independent distribution network in the West Macedonia region Bros A. Piteni SA cooperates with more than 80 dealers to feed over 11.000 outlets worldwide.

From 2011 the company expanded its activities in New Food series 'Gourmet' launching on the market even higher quality and nutritional value, as the series Pitenis Premium, Οkeanos EXCLUSIVE and others. In February acquires 2of the Patent, which relates solution Saffron with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Finally, the company has been certified and applies the Assurance system & Quality management "ISO - 22000:2005", which includes the Risk Analysis System & Critical Control Points "HACCP", and Food Safety Systems British Retail Consortium "BRC" Global Standards, The Certification Plan for Food Safety Management (FSMS) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) “FSSC 22000” Global Food Safety System and "HALAL" Lawful Certification for the Middle East, and has received certification of its products from USA Food & Drug Administration "FDA", after local checks, and permission for export in the countries of Russian Federation from Federal Veterinary.