Company history

A. Pitenis Bros SA is one of the largest production companies in the Greek food industry. The company founded in 1973, as a delicatessen appetizer industry. The rapid growth of product demand caused the subsequent transfer of the company into larger facilities, at which time it reinvested in new machinery and production techniques.

By December 1997, the company completed the construction of a new modern appetizer production plant, with the acquisition of 14.000 sq.m land area and building facilities of 3.500 sq.m in order to efficiently handle the demands of domestic and international competition. The long-term confidence that consumers have shown in the company΄s products, as well as its “family-business” characteristics, lead to the production of more than 200 products by the year 2003. Since day one, the company's business ethic have assured the high quality standard of all its products.

In March 2003, the company established 'ArkaFood' - A. Pitenis Bros & Co. LP, a subsidiary company in Tripoli, for the distribution of products in Peloponnesus. In 2004 it established 'HHBT' Hellenic Hepirus Bio-Technology R&D - A. Pitenis Bros & Co. GP, a bio-technology Research & Development company, researching the herb synergies on foods, with main aim the penetration of A. Pitenis Bros SA into the Health-Food market. By 2010, the company further facilitated the distribution of goods in Central Macedonia and Attiki by setting up branches in Thessaloniki and Athens. In overall, considering its own distribution network in Western Macedonia and cooperating with more than 80 dealers, Pitenis supplies over 11.000 outlets worldwide.

The company recently expanded its business in the 'Gourmet' food market, introducing products of both high quality and nutritional value e.g. Salad's PREMIUM Line, Okeanos EXCLUSIVE and more. In February 2012 obtains its second Patent concerning a Greek Saffron with Extra Virgin Olive Oil solution with significant increase in antioxidant properties.

Finally, Pitenis is certified by and implements the System Assurance & Quality Management “ISO - 22000:2005”, which includes the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points “HACCP”, the British Retail Consortium “BRC” Global Standards for safety and quality products, the International Food Standards “IFS” Global Food Safety System, and finally the USA Food & Drug Administration “FDA” (on site certification). Recently the company has certified for “HALAL” and continues with the necessary processes for ”Kosher” Lawful Certification.

Pitenis has been awarded the “Golden European Quality Award”, in a competition between 15.000 food production companies worldwide, as well as the “First Nationwide Award” and the “First Commendation” for the “Business Excellence and Distinction” issued by EOMMEX SA, and the “Young Entrepreneur Award” issued by Kozani's Chamber of Commerce.