Company Overview

Objectives - Products - Exports


All our company employees play an important and decisive part in its success. We encourage personal initiative.. Main motive is success in all levels of company's structure. We want our values to characterize our way of doing business. To achieve our aim, all our employess are being appointed,, trained and get rewarded according to these values.

Products - Innovation
Basic product characteristics are traditional taste and production techniques as well as high nutritional value and quality. We always face our sector's challenges looking for innovative ways to improve our products and services.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest possible level of service and product quality, neverforgetting that this is the main key to our success. Flexibility, innovative way of doing business and experience, lead to the creation of strong bonds with our clients.

The selection of our suppliers always happen with strict quality standards criteria, These include certified quality according to our requirements, insured long term coverage of our needs and local geographic characteristics.

«Basic target of our company is the consolidation, our products, but also of Greek products in general, in the minds of consumers, as products of high quality and nutritional value with very high “value for money”. The Greek land pure raw materials, combined with the drive of excellence, the know how and modern marketing techniques, create an unrivaled combination!»

Pitenis Dimitrios

Chairman of board of directors

Premium Products

The extended contact with our consumers along with the recognition of our high quality products, showed up the need for new innovative products of the highest quality, safety and nutritional value.

From 2004 n company gradually began to focus on growth Biofunctional products. That's how he founded it ΗΗΒΤ "Hellenic Hepirus BioΤechnology R&D", with distinguished biologists industry, a Biotechnology Research Company & development, intensifying research on the violeitoyrgikotita products. In February 2011 acquires the second patent n which concerns Kozani Crocus solution with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so that not only multiplies the known to us all the oil properties, but also adds, in the final mixture, many of the properties of "medicinal" yolk. So, creates the new patented series "Pitenis Premium Quality" consisting of 7 Salads, 3 Dressing and one Biofunctional Extra Virgin Olive Oil yolky.

Finally, addition Extremely Virgin Olive Oil in almost all self-service products from, direct differentiates from competition, making them particularly attractive to modern consumers, not only in Greece but also abroad.


Exports play the main role on the organizational culture of the company. So, year by year, the company builds a very strong exporting profile. Its exports extend from its countries The European Union, until America, the MENA Region (Arab countries), with an always increasing rate since 2004 2004 until today, which culminates in the last years, 2010-17, as shown in the diagram.

Percentage of export turnover growth for years 2010 - 2018

Why Pitenis products

Capturing market's messages fast and at their early stages, Pitenis family invested on the combination high quality - traditional taste, using the most modern production techniques, achieving International certifications (ISO 22000:2005, HAACP, BRC, IFS, HALAL, FDA), and utilizing pure raw materials, 97% of which come from the Greek land.

Raw materials are being examined in our Laboratory before being accepted in the production process, ensuring their quality, specifications accordance and their suitability. It must be noted that a remarkable quantity of raw materials every year is being denied and returned to the supplier. Our efforts are being focused on substituting chemical substances and additives, which are broadly used in industrial Food production, with natural - healthy materials.

Since 2005, the company implements a plan of cooperating with employees for the production of farming raw materials. These materials are being farmed on their land with company's control, aiming at absolutely safe products that abide with company's specifications.

In the same direction (part of company's social policy), there were agreements that were being made with three farmer groups from West Macedonia Greece district (Kozani, Neapoli, Grevena) with the sole purpose of completely absorbing their farming production. The control expanded, in cooperation with certified local laboratories, to the examining of pesticides persistence and in the near future the certification of the farming land that is being used is planned.

The highly skilled workforce is the company's main strength. The organizational chart includes apart from the Production, Finance, Sales, Storage departments etc., an Exports department, a Marketing department, a certified Chemic Lab and a separate R&D department for the continuous improvement of the existing products and the development of new lines.