Quality assurance

How do we ensure the quality of our products

The raw materials used for our products, derived from nalliergeies certified, all Integrated management systems, strictly controlled both during the production process, and during processing .

Produced by Sorted producers and exclusively for us under our supervision. The processing of such products made using natural and safe methods to ensure all quality characteristics and safety of the finished product.

Before the receipt raw material, subject to microbial and chemical checks, and that the same happens with the final product obtained, from which also hold 3 Samples each production batch, controlled and throughout the time that the products are on the market, until their expiry date, to be at all times of the suitability of our products.

A. Pitenis Bros S.A. certified by To ISO for the first time 2000. Since then till today renews and enriches the certifications according to each new certification standard to offer the public the increasingly higher quality! Today, is assurance procedures 2 even new, for this, standards, of HALAL & KOSHER.

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